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With nowhere to play and no one to play to Paul Buchanan gathered members of Amnesia Blues Band (Ning Hopkins, guitar; Darryl Kerr, bass and Stuart Anderson, drums) and The Blues Lizards (Marc Leyshan, guitar) in a shed outside of Maffra to create Paul Buchanan’s Voodoo Preachers.

Over several months of rehearsals and recording at Stuart’s Sellings Studio the Voodoo Preachers refined their swampy yet slick sound and recorded their debut album, Testimony.

Six Paul Buchanan originals, telling stories of Buchanan’s life mingled with the cast of underworld characters that inhabit his head. One fiery Ning Hopkins funk blues number. Five covers spanning the last century from Robert Johnson’s 1930 'Walkin’ Blues,' via The Allman Brothers Band, Robert Cray and William Clarke up to Matt Woods & The Thunderbolts 2007 'The Law.' This is our Testimony to the blues.

Testimony features guest appearances from Roger C. Johnson (Sanford/Townsend Band, Seals & Croft) playing lead guitar on 'Pool Hall Vinnie' and lead guitar/dobro on ‘Tommy,' and Ning’s son, bass  guitarist Wes Hopkins, on 'Save Me (From Myself)' and 'One Way Out.'

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