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"After seven years and two albums with Amnesia Blues Band, Gippsland Bluesman and songwriter Paul Buchanan came to a fork in the road and took it. With no gigs on the horizon for ABB and plenty of time on his hands, Buchanan began assembling a new band, explored some new directions and, finally, named the outfit The Voodoo Preachers. ABB’s rhythm section (Darryl Kerr and Stuart Anderson) and guitarist (Ning Hopkins) transitioned to the new band, while versatile Gippslander Marc Leyshan from The Blues Lizards was recruited as a second guitarist. A seasoned front man and bandleader, Buchanan knew instinctively he had found the right combination who had the hunger and chops to shake down and knock up, in his own words, some dirty electric Blues. Say hello to Paul Buchanan’s Voodoo Preachers and their new album Testimony.

- Michael Macdonald

Track List
1 Some Kind Of Voodoo
2 Sleeve
3 My Baby’s Kitchen
4 Pool Hall Vinnie feat Roger C Johnson
5 Must Be Jelly (William Clarke)
6 The Law (Matt Woods & The Thunderbolts)
7 Walkin’ Blues (Son House)
8 Tommy feat Roger C Johnson
9 Smoking Gun (Robert Cray)
10 Little Sister
11 Save Me (From Myself)

12 One Way Out

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